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For years, the standard for residential and commercial plumbing was using metal piping or water distribution. Copper and other metals commonly used in plumbing, however, can be extremely expensive and labor intensive to install. They also perform poorly when it comes to retaining heat and are more likely to leak due to improper installation or soldering, which will deteriorate over time.

While Aqueduct Plumbing Company will use any material a homeowner prefers, our preference is Uponor PEX or CPVC. That’s because they have become the preferred materials for piping due to both their affordability and reliability. In other words, CPVC and Uponor PEX cost less and last longer than traditional metal piping and are easier to maintain. Piping made from these materials are also easier to join with other plumbing fixtures and fittings and they won’t corrode or chemically interact with water.

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