Re-Routes & Tunneling

Plumbing Pipe Re-Route Tunneling around Concrete Slab

Pipes located underneath your home’s foundation often break due to age, damage from tree roots, or years of enduring ground shifts. When these pipes become damaged or broken, you may experience frequent water stoppages in your home as well as damage to your home’s structure or foundation.

You can count on Aqueduct Plumbing Company to pinpoint these breaks by utilizing hydrostatic testing and/or camera inspection. Once we detect the broken line under the slab, there are several options for repairing any plumbing issues:

  1. Tunnel under the slab to reach the pipes
  2. Break the slab to reach the pipes from the top
  3. Re-route water lines away from the damaged pipes

Tunneling is our preferred method for repairing underslab plumbing issues, as it doesn’t require us to break the concrete slab under your home—which may result in damage to your home. We will create a tunnel under the slab foundation in the least invasive method possible while keeping your home’s floors intact.

When pipes require multiple repairs, or if the pipes underneath the slab have deteriorated beyond repair, we’ll re-route the the drain piping from underneath the slab to the perimeter of your home and tie it into an existing sewer line.

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