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Plumbing Leaks? Water Pressure Issues? Rusty Water? Bad Taste? Leaking Slab?

Does your water appear dirty or have a bad taste? Do you have consistently low water pressure or clogged faucet aerators? If so, your water pipes may have corrosion or blockages due to rust and mineral deposits. Do you have a leaking slab? This can be the result of several factors—including your water source, the type of piping you have, and how the pipes were originally installed in your home or business.

Once pipes begin to corrode, tiny holes form and allow water to leak out of the pipes. When your pipes show signs of corrosion, though, most times they will need to be replaced. This is also referred to as repiping.

While we can typically repair a small hole in a pipe, our skilled re-pipe plumbers recommend replacing the entire water pipe system if there are holes throughout the water system in your home or business. We will remove the old piping on plumbing fixtures—such as showers, tubs, faucets, water heaters, and toilets. We also do our best to carefully install new pipes so we don’t disrupt your home or household. This also means we’ll only create access points where necessary and as minimal in size as possible.

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At Aqueduct Plumbing Company, we have completed hundreds of re-piping jobs throughout Southeastern Texas. We are happy to assess your particular situation, discuss your options and with your budget in mind, and create a plan to replace any old pipes with the latest in stainless steel, PEX, or copper pipes. Remember, ignoring the leak will not make it go away. In fact, the problem will only intensify—and most likely result in damage to your home and wallet.

So whether you need a partial re-pipe or a whole house re-pipe, you can count on the experienced re-pipe experts at Aqueduct Plumbing Company. Our plumbing and repair services are trusted by thousands of homes and businesses throughout Greater Houston.

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