Every home needs extra care and attention during the summer. For example, poor insulation can lead to huge electricity bills, as air conditioners are forced to work overtime to keep homes at comfortable temperatures. Paint on home exteriors, decks, and patios can fade and crack due to the sun’s intense rays and high outdoor temperatures. And grass needs constant trimming, with lawns growing several inches in just a few short days.

One aspect of summer home maintenance that often flies under the radar for home owners is keeping their plumbing in top condition. Summer presents new opportunities for plumbing systems to run into both minor and major issues, and keeping a good maintenance and repair schedule—and knowing what to look for when you inspect your home’s plumbing—is the best way to avoid expensive repairs and part replacements.

4 Plumbing Tips to Follow This Summer

Summer is almost here, but you still have plenty of time to prepare your home’s plumbing system and your family for the demands of long days and high temperatures. Follow these four tips to avoid plumbing disasters:

Be smart with your disposal after cookouts and barbeques.
Disposals are built to be resistant and capable of handling small amounts of foods, but get-togethers with family and friends can put added stress on their blades and other components. Dispose of cooking oil and grease in your trash can to avoid a thickening effect in your pipes, and never put animal bones, fibrous foods like corn husks and potato peels, or pasta and rice inside your disposal.

Be on the lookout for sudden drainage problems in tubs and sinks.
If the drain in your tub or sink suddenly becomes slow, it could indicate a blockage inside the pipes. However, blockages aren’t always due to things like food particles, hair, or soap. Blockages that form during the summer may indicate rainwater getting into your pipes due to poor drainage on your property. It could also indicate growing tree roots that breached the walls of your pipes and partially or completely blocked their water flow. Call a plumber immediately if you notice sudden and unexplained drain backups.

Keep a close eye on your washing machine when it’s in use—especially if it’s an older model.
Most families go through more laundry in the summer than other months. Sporting events, outdoor activities, and swimming can all result in frequent wardrobe changes and dirty clothes. Frequent washing puts added stress on your washing machine and your pipes, which can increase the risk of backups and leaks. Always wash clothes while you or someone else is at home, and be prepared to immediately stop wash cycles if you notice leaking or pooling water in your laundry room.

Double check before planting or mowing if you have a sprinkler system.
Sprinkler systems are a great way to keep your lawn lush and green during even the hottest and driest parts of summer, but they are easily damaged if you’re not attentive to their location. Too often, homeowners accidentally damage their sprinkler heads and pipes while planting trees and shrubs or by driving their mowers over them. Make sure that you and everyone else in your family who plants or mows is aware of their location.

Summer Plumbing Issues in Houston? Call Aqueduct Plumbing Company Today.

Homeowners don’t just use more electricity during the summer—they also use more water. Because the demand for water increases during the warm months, even minor plumbing issues can be a disaster for busy families—and those minor problems can quickly turn into major problems if they aren’t addressed immediately. Don’t let a slow or clogged drain, low water pressure, or an unreliable faucet turn into a headache this summer. Call Aqueduct Plumbing Company today at (281) 488-6238.