When it comes to many products, cast iron signals quality and durability. Many people own cast iron skillets and other cookware, which are well-known for their versatility in the kitchen. But there’s a big difference between using cast iron to cook your food and using it to deliver your home’s water supply.

As you probably know if you cook on cast iron, it tends to attract grease and other food debris, and it can be difficult to clean when it’s not properly seasoned. The same properties apply to cast iron pipes. Although cast iron seems like an ideal material to make pipes due to its strength, the damage is done from within, and over time, it can result in serious leaks and burst pipes.

What Risk Factors Are Associated with Cast Iron Pipes?

Like many metals, cast iron rusts. Initially, rust is only a minor cosmetic issue with most metals. But over time, it can begin to structurally impact metals as it accumulates. In cast iron pipes, the accumulation of rust is called tuberculation. As the amount of rust builds up, it impairs the free flow of water, which can also increase the risk of corrosion.

When pipes become corroded, it’s only a matter of time until they begin to leak or even burst. Old cast iron pipes with heavy rust buildup and corrosion will eventually develop hairline cracks, which are also subject to the ravages of time. Eventually, those hairline cracks become wider and longer, until eventually the pipes begin to leak or fail completely.

Got Cast Iron Pipes? We Can Inspect Them!

When you pick up a cast iron skillet, you can immediately feel its quality and durability. But that doesn’t mean you should trust that your cast iron pipes are good to go for the next several decades, let alone the next several years. In fact, if your home is at or approaching 20 years old and has cast iron pipes, or if you’re experiencing slow or backed up drains, they may already be severely compromised and serious water damage could be right around the corner.

At Aqueduct Plumbing Company, we help homeowners who have suffered pipe-related disasters, but we would rather help you stop the problem in its tracks before you’re walking around ankle deep in water. Our plumbing experts can come to your home and inspect your pipes for signs of blockage and damage, and we can also pinpoint the source of leaks and potential weak spots that could be trouble down the road.

Our PEX Pipes Are Superior to Cast Iron Pipes

We use high-quality PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) pipes which utilize new technology and designed to last for decades. Cast iron pipes fell out of favor in the late 1970s to be replaced by PVC pipes. PEX pipes are the newest generation of pipes and they have many benefits compared to older pipes, including:

InexpensivePEX pipes cost a fraction of the amount of money that copper pipes typically run. In addition, they can be installed faster. That means we’re on the job for less time, and we pass those savings onto you.

Easier to connect—The fast installation process is due to PEX pipes being easily connected. Unlike copper pipes, PEX pipes are flexible and don’t have to be soldered. The connection process is aided by PEX pipes being able to be cut to any length necessary for a particular home.

Sturdier than PVC—Unlike PVC pipes, PEX pipes don’t have to be glued together at their joints, making it less likely to burst when frozen. In addition, PEX pipes can safely expand and contract, making them ideal for homes that experience weather extremes.

Repiping Gives You Peace of Mind

Many homebuilders look to cut costs, and pipes are frequently an area where it’s decided that money can be saved. After all, problems with pipes often take years to show up. But kicking the can down the road doesn’t do anyone good, and it only keeps homeowners like you worried about the day that they’ll need to fork over thousands for a major water cleanup job and pipe repair.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Our plumbing team believes in preventative repiping work to avoid damaging leaks and burst pipes. When you contact us about your home’s cast iron pipes, there’s no obligation, and your estimate is free. It’s our goal to help you understand exactly what condition your pipes are in and the rest course of action to repair or replace them.

Ready to bring your home’s pipes into the year 2020? Contact Aqueduct Plumbing Company today for your free, best price in town quote on repiping!

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