Even the most well-built homes need frequent maintenance. Everything from HVAC units and appliances to roofs and siding need upkeep, repairs, or outright replacement over time. The same is true for the pipes that carry water into and throughout your home.

Water quality has become an increasingly important issue for homeowners in recent years. Studies show that many families are using water for bathing, washing clothes and dishes, cooking, and drinking that simply isn’t up to modern sanitation and quality standards. A big reason for that is due to old, dirty, corroded, or damaged pipes.

Watch for These Signs of Pipe Damage

If your home was built more than 15 years ago, or if you’ve noticed any of the following signs, it may be time to repipe your home:

Your water tastes or smells bad
Water should taste clean and crisp, and it shouldn’t have a strong odor or much of a smell at all. Water that tastes off or that carries a strong smell is likely tainted with dirt, debris, rust, or other impurities that may be coming from your home’s pipes. And if you notice the taste or smell of your water has gotten worse recently, it’s especially important to call our texas repiping experts to survey your home’s pipes and determine both the cause of the problem and the best solution.

Your pipes creak or shift
Homes make noise. Whether it is wind whistling through the attic, floorboards and wood frames settling, or appliances cycling through their power functions, your home is bound to make occasional sounds. But if your pipes are frequently making loud noises, whether it’s creaking, shifting, or banging, it may be due to age, damage, and overall disrepair. Pipes that frequently audible, or that grow louder over time, may be in danger of sustaining severe and catastrophic damage.

Your water appears murky, red, or brown
Clean water is supposed to appear completely transparent. If your water looks murky or has a reddish/brownish color, it may be due to the condition of your pipes. Just looking at water from your tap doesn’t always tell the entire story, either. Sometimes water may be discolored but not noticed until tubs, sinks, washing machines, dishes, and clothing begin to discolor as well. If you notice discoloration in your water or anything that touches your water, contact our repiping specialists right away.

Your water pressure is low
Do your taps produce little more than a trickle, even with the knobs turned to full blast? Does it take you much longer than before to shower due to reduced water flow? Low water pressure isn’t just annoying and inconvenient—it can be a sign that your pipes are damaged or obstructed. As with other symptoms of bad pipes, poor water pressure that gets worse over time is an urgent issue that needs immediate attention, and we’re here to help.

Your pipes are leaking
To keep costs down, some contractors use cut-rate materials when building homes, including inferior pipes. Low-quality pipes may develop leaks after just a few years, but even higher-quality pipes can sustain damage and begin leaking over time. Occasional leaks in a few isolated spots may require nothing more than small repairs, but frequent leaks throughout your home can be indicative of pipes that need immediate attention and even full replacement.

Don’t Ignore Bad Pipes. Get Yours Inspected and Replaced Now.

Pipes that need replacement due to age, poor-quality materials, damage, corrosion, or intrusion from roots only get worse with time. Eventually, bad pipes can completely fail, putting your home at risk of flooding, which can cause significant and extremely expensive damage. Don’t wait until your pipes become a ticking time bomb. Contact us today for a free plumbing estimate—we’re ready to get to work on your home’s pipes.

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